Why Mubble?

Simple: My + Bubble = Mubble. The area and people who surround each of us at any particular time wherever we are.

How does it work?

Create and leave behind pictures and posts that stay pinned to your current location for other users to discover and interact with. Use Mubble to keep up to speed with what your friends are posting anywhere in the world and see what is going on around them.

For everything from meeting and chatting with people nearby to using it as your local travel guide, Mubble is the social app you need!

Your Mubble

Use the map to explore, see and interact with posts that have been left. Want to see what’s going on on the other side of the world? No problem, use Mubble to take a virtual trip to anywhere you choose and see what real people are doing & posting. Leave your own posts behind in your current location for people to discover and let them see the world through your eyes.

Saved mubbles

Favourite holiday destination? Popular local hangout? Go to your happy place. Use the save mubbles feature to remember and easily revisit any location in the world at the touch of a button and see what is going on there anytime.

Connect through Mubble

Feeling inspired? Connect with other users through their posts and spark up a conversation.

Make Friends

Met someone you like? Add them as a friend and stay up to date with what they are posting anywhere in the world and check out what is going on around them!

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